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Ackerland Kennels provides the highest quality in hands-on training available. From the basics in handling your new dog, to advanced tracking and tactics, Ackerland Kennels has the training to fit your needs. We are unique in our ability to customize training to fit the demanding needs of our customers, and their dogs.

Training Facilities

Conveniently located about 1 and 1/2 miles off of Interstate 44 in the heart of Missouri, we currently have 20 beautiful acres. We are presently working on an indoor training Center. Located just an hour out of Springfield, Ackerland Kennels is nestled alongside the Hermit Conservation Area. Our incredible location gives a real world dynamic to our training.

Our History

Laurie and David Anglin have backgrounds in Law Enforcement. Laurie was a founding member of the Illnois/Wiconsin Search and Rescue Team, as well as a member of several Schutzhund Clubs. Laurie formed and maintained the K-9 unit in Douglas County, Missouri, for eight years, and was a member of the Ava City Police Department. She also went through First Responder Training, was a member of the Water Rescue Team, and the Ava Fire Department. She maintained memberships and was an examiner for several Police Canine organisations. David started his law enforcement career at Bentonville Police Dept. moving to Rogers Police Dept. and then with the Arkansas State Police for 15 years. David was part of the Arkansas State Police Entry Team, and an instructor for tactical driving, firearms, and CPR, as well as being a Certified EMT.

Laurie has loved the German Shepherd breed since she was a child and watched Rin Tin Tin and Roy Rogers and his dog Bullet. Unfortunatly due to a family member with allergies, she was only able to have poodles as a child. Laurie bought her first German Shepherd, Sam, in 1984. The breeder that Laurie bought Sam from also had a Schutzhund Club. Laurie's apprenticeship had begun.

Laurie arrived at her first day of Schutzhund training with her left ankle in a cast, her 3 month puppy on a leash, her 16 month old son in an umbrella stroller, her training bag over one shoulder and a diaper bag over the handles of the stroller. Not an auspicious beginning! The breeder later confided to Laurie that when she arrived that first day, despite her handicaps, he knew Laurie would make it.

Sam and Laurie obtained their Schutzhund I (it took 3 tries), their AD, their Koerung, SG in a German Style confirmation show and finally their Schutzhund II. At the same time they joined a Search and Rescue Team and completed their training in basic Search and Rescue, Cadaver Search, and Water Search. In their spare time, Sam learned to pull the kids in a wagon or on a sled. No one bothered to tell Laurie that "one dog can't do it all", so they did.

In 1991 Laurie moved to Missouri and decided to offer her services to the Sheriff's Department. Three weeks later the Department took her up on the offer. The Sheriff's Department needed Laurie and Sam's help to find a diver who had drowned during a training exercise. After saying they would be "happy to help," Sam performed like a true professional, making a picture perfect indication. Laurie didn't find out until later that nobody thought they could actually do it. The diver was exactly where Sam indicated, at a depth of 139 ft. Laurie was just as amazed as everyone else. Within one year Laurie was a member of the Sheriff's Department. She went through the Law Enforcement Academy and has not stopped learning or training since.

Laurie has 24 years of experience in training and breeding German Shepherds. She has been an examiner for several Police Canine Associations and is presently President/Training Director for the American Police and Search Dog Assoc., in addition to being in charge of the Examiner Apprenticeship program.

David has spent the past 7 years learning the fundamentals of training dogs for tracking, obedience, agility, narcotics detection, and protection work. Together David & Laurie specialize in matching the dogs and handlers and meeting the needs of smaller Police Departments that have neither the time nor money that other companies require.

Our K-9 Units go through rigorous scenario training that gives the officer a chance to see what it will be like using his new partner on the street. This helps to sort out the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and keeps them from making tragic mistakes on the street.

Most importantly, we are honest in our evaluations of the dogs and handlers that come to us for training.