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Please read the wonderful professional and personal feedback that we have received from our clients. Although the quality of our breeding and training, is self aparent, be sure to read what our clients have to say about our german shepherds, police and protection K-9's and pets:

Testimonials: Law Enforcement

Cave Springs Police Department
137 N. Main St. - P.O. Box 65. - Cave Springs, Arkansas, 72718
479-248-1040 Office - 479-248-7521 Fax

November 3, 2004

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is regarding your consideration of Ackerland Kennels for the purpose of purchasing a canine dog for illegal narcotic and patrol usage. I have known Laurie Anglan nearly ten years.

Having known Mrs. Anglin, I am well aware of her strong work ethic and tenaciously detail-oriented efforts in training high quality dogs. She possesses all of the required attributes necessary to train and produces top quality dogs. She is decisive, motivated and knowledgeable and easily garners the respect of others within the law enforcement field and private sectors.

In closing, I highly recoment Ackerland Kennels to you in your purchasing decision for top quality and reasonable priced law enforcement canines. Should you choose to purchase a canine unit, you will see also the many great qualities her dogs posses and the benefits they will offer your department, people, and community citizens. On a personal note, since we purchased and had our dogs certified, we have utilized them on countless occasions with positive results. In less than three months, we have had countless drug arrests which was a direct result of the dog's usage. If you should have any questions about Ackerland Kennels and Mrs. Anglin, please feel free to contact me at your convenience at my office.

Clint Strong, Chief of Police
Cave Springs Police Department

Centerton Police Department
PO Box 100 - Centerton Arkansas, 72719
479-795-4431 Office - 479-795-0124 Fax

March 22, 2004

The Centerton Police Department researched options to purchase a K-9 and foundAckerland Kennels to be highly recomended. With Ackerland Kennels being local and the knowledge Laurie Anglan has in police K-9's, the Centerton Police Department purchased a K-9, Gero, in 2003.

Gero was trained prior to Officer Eggebrecht receiving him. Gero's training included narcotics, tracking, and Officer protection. It took little time for the team to bond. Laurie Anglin kept the Centerton Police Department informed of the training and performance of the team. Laurie's teaching and training of Officer Eggebrecht and Gero was outstanding.

Officer Eggebrecht and Gero have increased the narcotic arrest for the Centerton Police Department. The addition of Gero to the force has sent a message that the Centerton Police Department is taking and active role in fighting narcotics.

In seeing the outcome and performance of Gero I highly recomend Ackerland Kennel for a K-9. If any further questions are needed, please feel free to contact me.

Chief Lance W. Johnson
Centerton Police Chief

Gentry Police Department
100 East Main St. - Gentry, Arkansas 72734
479-736-8400 Office - 479-736-2140 Fax

June 17, 2003

To Whom It May Concern,

In the fall of 1998, the Gentry Police Department purchased a (3) three year old make German Shepherd, named "Brix."

Brix was owned and trained by Laurie Anglin, owner/operator of Ackerland Kennels, formerly of Ava, Missouri and now, Gentry, Arkansas. Brix was trained and certified in agility, obedience, tracking, patrol, evidence and narcotics detection and officer protection. Our K-9 officer also received excellent training and Laurie was always available to answer questions as our K-9 team worked and grew together.

Over the past several years our K-9 has participated in all of the above mentioned aspects of his previous training, while on-duty or by call-out, and has performed admirably.

I have been very satisfied with the quality of K-9 we received from laurie and i know she continues the same high standards today.

Incidentally, we will be retiring our K-9 soon and I have been in contact with Laurie about possibly acquiring our next K-9 from her.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the numbers shown above.

Keith H. Smith
Chief of Police

Bill Vickery
Sheriff of Crawford County
Van Buren, Arkansas

June 24, 1994

Dear Sheriff Turner,

I would like to thank your Deputy Laurie Kring for sharing her time and K-9 exertise with our Department on June 19, 20 and 21, 1994. Her instuction helped our fledgling K-9 Unit strengthen their tracking skills and expand he capabilities of the K-9 Unit to include Drowning Victim Recovery. This new capability will help our short staffed Dove Team in their effort to serve the communities in our area. I'm sure you're very proud to have such an asset available to your department.


Bill Vickery
Sheriff of Crawford County
Van Buren, Arkansas 72956

State Of Missouri
Fourty-Fourth Judicial Circuit Court

Juvenile Division
P.O. Box 390 - Mountain Grove - Missouri - 65711 - 417-926-3129

February 28, 1992

Dear Mrs. Kring,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your assistance on Sunday, February 23, 1992 at the Regional Juvenile Justice Center.

Your service that evening proved invaluable to building a strong case of escap enad auto theft on the two juveniles.

How fortunate we are to have access to such a needed service in our circuit. Your expertise in this area has not gone unnoticed, and again was very much appreciated.


William S. Morris

Testimonials: Personal

Dear Laurie,

We just wanted to let you know how much we love Alex. He has been a great companion and also a great entertainer. I'd have to write a 12 page letter in order to tell you all the funny things he has done. We also started him in obedience school last week. The choke collar did nothing for him so we've had to use a pinch collar in order to control him. (Sound Familiar? Just like his father maybe?) Well, I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thank you so much for the wonderful friend.

Sincerely Debbie and Mike S.


Just a letter to let you know Edie is doing fine. She's a little "Hyper Sweetheart". We really like the way she turned out...
Hope your dogs and family alright.

As Ever, Marie