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Ackerland Males

Our males are working dogs. Some are titled in Schutzhund, some are certified for police work, and some have been worked on the street. We use them to demonstrate techniques for new handlers and trainers. Our males love to work and play. They are social, have great temperaments, and are good looking as well.

Viper vom Silent Knight
D.O.B. May 10, 2009
Sire - Apollo von der Schodin
Dam - Aleda van den Heuvel

Viper is one of 2 males that we bought from Silent Knight kennels. He is doing very well in training. He is a very dark sable male. He loves to track and has no problem with any of the agility equipment. He is a welcome addition to our kennel. Watch for updates as his training progresses. Viper Is doing phenomenal in tracking, evidence detection and we have begun to work on cadaver detection. This dog loves to work. He is very social and has no environmental problems.

All Grown Up!

Viper tries herding. Probably not his thing. He wanted to eat the sheep!

Viper is an expert tracking, evidence detection and cadaver dog.

Nico vom Ackerland

D.O.B. 2-1-13

Sire: Rio Whirling Thunder Rage

Dam: KPS Travelin Girl Emma

Nico came to us March 29,2013 from Karen Patterson in Rogersville, Missouri. Nico has intelligence as well as good looks. He has started tracking, knows his name and comes and sits when he is called. He is clean in his crate and whines at the door when he needs to go out. He thinks he is very tough as you can see by the full mouth bite on my leg. He retrieves a tennis ball right to me. We expect great things from this guy. He still acts like a bass on the line when you put the leash on him, but that is alright after all he is only 9 weeks old.

All Grown up!