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5/20/08 - Brix does his first search and makes his first find

Our male Brix went on his first real search for cadaver and made several finds. He worked very well and was very focused even though there were many distractions from cows to dogs, cats, garbage, dead animals, and even a burrito lying in the road. We are very proud of him and are excited about his progress.

6/02/07-Dpty Robert Missey & Aris complete their training

Deputy Robert Missey from Nevada County, AR and his new Dual Purpose canine, Aris arrive for 2 weeks of transition training...more

1/02/07N-Litter is Born

We have 5 females and will now be taking deposits. More...

1/13/07 Lucas goes to his new home. Will begin training this March for SAR and hopefully FEMA certification. more...

1/24/07 Puppy donated to

Hazelgreen Fire Dept. Quick response by Fire Dept. turns out well for all involved.







Excellent Quality at Reasonable Prices

We are a small Kennel and Training Center located in Mid-Missouri. We offer personalized service to those looking for a quality dog and/or training program to suit their needs. With 24 years of experience, we offer training in many areas, including: tracking, obedience, agility, protection, and narcotics detection.

We have puppies available out of German and Czech bloodlines, young adults with some training, and fully trained and certified adults.

All of our dogs work, but we also like to include them in our family activities. Socialization is an important part of producing well rounded dogs. Our dogs are raised and trained around children of all ages, cats, horses, and cattle. We take them to the park, around town, and have even taken several into Bass Pro Shops in Springfield. The only requirement that Bass Pro Shops has, is that the dog must ride in a shopping cart. No problem! We do get some strange looks, but it is great PR, because the dogs do so well.

We pack as much into our training program as we can. We offer follow up help, should you run into any problems after you finish your program. Our training is tailored to suit the individual. Every handler and every dog is different. Why should you have to follow the same type of training program?

Please Note Our Phone Number Has Changed.

Please use my cell phone number: 417 718-5320


We Feed and Recommend Black Gold Dog Food

For complete nutritional information on the different formulas you may call 1-800-598-dogs or go to blackgolddogfood.com.

We have been feeding this food to all our dogs for over 10 years. We have tried all the more expensive brands and the specialty brands and we have never found anything that works as well for all our dogs as Black Gold premium dog food. We use the 26/18 performance blend for all our dogs. That includes 4 German Shepherds of various ages,and 1 Malinois. Our Border Collie eats the Ultimate Chicken and Rice. Our dogs have nice shiny coats, plenty of energy and very little stool. We would not recommend that we did not use ourselves or that we were not completely satisfied with. This is the type of food that you can use with your working dog or for a family pet and get great results. It is economical to feed and still comes in a 50# bag. Black Gold has now expanded their line of premium foods to include Two Completely Grain Free foods. Salmon meal and White Potato and Chicken Meal and Sweet Potato.

Black Gold Dog Food is Available at Agri-Services of Lebanon. 20756 Rte 66. 417 532-798







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