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Lt. Mike Mayfield and his K-9 Bella


We are very proud of this team. They are from Benton County Sheriffs Dept. in Warsaw Missouri. They started their training when Bella was 4 months old and they were getting called out when she was about 8 months old. She finished her tracking training at 10 months old and got called the next week. It was a very successful find and she was able to help apprehend the suspect. They finished their cadaver or human remains detection training several weeks later and were called out within a week to make their first cadaver water find. They worked very hard and you can see it in the results that they are getting.


Corporal James(Dan) Dudley and his K-9 Mayco

Corporal Dudley and his K-9 Mayco are from Hartville, Missouri Police Dept. They started their training last November and we hope to have them finished with their certifications in the next several months. We are proud of this team. Mayco didn't even know her name whenwe started and today they finished their first part of tracking certification. They have worked very hard and are fortunate to have the support not only of the Police Dept., but also the Fire Dept. and Dan's family. According to Dan's 3 year old daughter, SHE is the one who has a drug dog. Mayco has already stopped several offenders from running and she didn't even have to get out of the car. You Go Girl!

Mayco is a biting machine. When the bite work is over she loves to make new friends.

Deputy Robert Missey and his New K-9 Partner Aris

It is with regret that we have to report that K-9 Aris died on Thanksgiving of 2008 of cancer. He had numerous drug finds, tracks and criminal apprehensions. He will be missed and our heart goes out to Officer Robert Missey. Update: We have recently talked to Robert and hope to be able

to provide him with a new k-9 partner in the near future. Robert now has a new partner. K-9 Jade a Belgian Malinois. Pictures coming soon.

Officer Michael Mizer and K-9 Nitro -Officer Mizer is no longer Nitro's handler, he is now with the Missouri State Highway Patrol

Deputy Randall Mathews and K-9 Brix - This team finished their training and certification the first week

of July, 2009. This team made a find their first time out on a missing person track. They have also helped to apprehend two suspects that that ran after a warrant was served. This team is an excellent team and we look forward to hearing about their continued success. Update:This team has now made another find on a 6 year old developementally disabled child. They were called to the scene after searchers, including the posse on horseback, searched the area for 5 hours and were unsuccessful. They tracked for 21/1 miles in a torrential downpour and finally heard the little boy crying. The Sheriff's Dept and posse were called in and they were able to reach the child with direction from the K-9 team. Brix and Deputy Mathews have been on several other tough tracks that were confirmed, unfortunately the suspects were able to leave the area in vehicles. When the going gets tough in Benton and the surrounding counties, they call on Brix and Deputy Mathews. This team has also made several narcotics finds of Mehtamphetamine and Marijuana. This team is kickin butt. Sadly, they appear to be unappreciated in Benton County. Update: Deputy Mathews and Brix were involved in a shooting incident. Brix was shot, but because of his vest, the bullet was deflected and he is already recovering from his wound. Deputy Mathews will start his new position in Jasper County in January. Deputy Mathews is now with the Veterans Administration Police in Chicago, Illinois.

Officer Ralph Robinson and K-9 Dax -Officer Robinson is no longer working in Law Enforcement.



Laclede County Deputy and Conway City Officer Dustin Young and K-9 Riker.

Dustin and Riker have been training for about 3 months. Riker is just 10 months old and he is working like a fiend. This dog and handler love to track! They are doing hour old tracks up to 1 mile. Their narcotics work is going great and the team gets a lot of help and support from their fellow officers and family. Riker is becoming protective of his officer and is really getting into the bitework. This team only does formal training once a week, but Dustin is doing great at working his dog at every opportunity. We hope to have this team ready to hit the street this spring. Dustin and Riker Certified in Narcotics Detection on 2-17-10 with the American Police and Search Dog Association and then again then the next week with another agency! They Certified on Urban and Rural Tracking and Evidence Detection on 2-20-10 with the APASDA. We are so Proud of this team and all the work they have put in. Since certification, this team has 8 narcotics finds and have several successful tracks. Riker just turned 14 months old on March 2, 2010. We are now spending more time on their patrol work and street scenarios. We expect them to certify in Patrol Team in the next few months. Deputy Young and Riker finished their Patrol Team certification on April 21, 2010! They have had continued success on the street with several felony narcotics finds and two more successful tracks. One track was a passive find for a developementally disabled teenager and one was an aggressive find for a drunk after an assault. We are so proud of this team and their go get em attitude.

Riker Is still with Laclede Cty. but has a new handler. Dustin is now with the Dept. of Conservation

Riker gets the Bad Guy

On The Street