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Ackerland Females

All of our females are strong, confident, affectionate, and beautiful. We spend a lot of time with them. They are not just stuck in a kennel until it is time to breed them. They are in the house with us, they are crate trained and housebroken. They know how to walk nicely on a leash, go for a ride in the car, do basic agility, play with toys, and have been started in tracking and some protection work. We want to know that they have working ability, and can pass that ability on to their puppies.



Gina vom Trevino "Zena" ( Warrior Princess) Zena was sold in October of 2012.

D.O.B. 3-24-09


Sire - Ghandi vom Kassler Kreuz

Dam - Tonia vom Ortenberg

Zena is like a malinois in a shepherd costume. She is very high drive. She is fast and she is quick. She definately has a mind of her own. She is crazy for toys, she is learning agility and tracking and she will bite all day long. She is very protective and alerts nicely, but she is also social. Watch for updates on her training progress. Zean is continuing her training with her new owner. She still has her drive and now she is also working on narcotics detection. Hope to have new working photos soon.

We had to wear her out to get still photo's.

This is my ball and I don't care how much bigger you are or how nicely you ask, it's mine.