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Ackerland Adults for Sale

At Ackerland we usually have adult dogs available for those that want an already-trained dog or those that don't have the time for the, sometimes overwhelming, responsibility of raising a puppy.  Some of our adults are puppies that we have raised and trained out of our own breeding program.  We like to keep at least one puppy out of a litter, so that we can evaluate our program and make decisions about future breeding.  We have green dogs, not quite adults, but no longer puppies for those than want to train their own dog for search and rescue, schutzhund, police work, or personal protection.  These dogs have their basic obedience, agility, are housebroken, crate trained, and may be started on beginning protection work.  We also have fully trained dogs and imports for sale.  If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know what you want and we will find the right dog for you

We no longer train dogs for personal protection. Protection Dogs and Protection dog training are no longer available to civilians.



Balon is a beautiful black and red neutered male. He is about 4 years old. He has no papers. His temperament is excellent. He is friendly and outgoing. Good with children, but quite energetic, so he would probably be best in a home with older children. I have worked Balon in obedience, beginning tracking and agility. He is housebroken, crate trained, up to date on his shots and heartworm. Balon loves to retrieve both on the land and in the water. He rides nicely in the car. He has been around horses and calves, but he would love to chase them if given the chance. He will need a fenced in yard or some land to run on. He would make a great walking or jogging partner. He is available to the right home for $750.00



Jake is a Belgian Malinois from the Netherlands. He is approximately 1 year old. That is an estimate as I was never able to acquire his papers. He spent his first 6 months of life in a kennel with no socialization or training. He was 6 months old when I acquired him through some convoluted circumstances. He was transferred to several people before he came here and I was told that if you can't take him and work with him, he will be put down. His biggest problem when he first came was that he loved to jump and bite. It took several months of him wearng a soft muzzle when he was loose, before I was able to retrain that behavior. I have worked him in obedience, agility and some beginning tracking. I have also been working on his retrieving. I take him for a run off leash in the fields everyday and he gets to go to the woods at least once a week. He has been to Bennett Springs State Park. That is where the photos were taken. He is still unsure when confronted with new things, but he is getting better and better. He needs an experienced handler that will continue his training and confidence building. He needs a strong handler that won't let him go back to his old ways. Jake is very affectionate when he gets to know you. He is neutered and up to date on his shots and worming. His price is $750.00 and it will increase as I continue his training.

If you are interested in either of these dogs, please give me a call at 417 718-5320.